No. 5 Freshwater Sea - Candle

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1820 House Candle Co. - East Palestine, Ohio

Creator : Melissa Smith

Freshwater Sea - Great Lakes #5

Upon the discovery of the Great Lakes, French explorers likened them to “fresh water seas.” The discovery today is the beauty in the mineral laden coasts, washed up driftwood, ancient glacial water and the bleached white sails of the small boats dotting the horizon. Notes of lavender, cardamon seed, corn mint, cypress and bergamot.

Boss Lady says... "I call this MEN'S FRESH LAUNDRY. If there was a dryer sheet for men... ta-daaaaa! It just smells so damn fresh and clean. Very unisex."

The Rust Belt is a region in the U.S. stretching from New York through the Midwest that once thrived on the steel industry. It became and industrial hub due to its proximity to the Great Lakes, canals and rivers, which allowed the companies to gain access to raw materials and ship out finished products. This region is called the Rust Belt because the decline in industrial work has left many factories abandoned and uncared for, rusting due to their exposure to the elements. Welcome to the revival.

“To evoke the senses.” Handcrafted, small batches, cotton wicking, phthalate-free, 100% non-GMO pure vegetable / soy wax grown by American farmers (supporting local farming and up to 90% domestically sourced and recycled materials), infused with essential oils, and complex high quality perfume fragrances (9 ounces). Inspired by music, design, and nature - a product that supports agriculture, sustainability and community. The first candles were conceived, melted and poured in the kitchen of a circa 1820 farmstead home that has been in her family since 1919.

Men were asking for scents they could take home, while still maintaining their manliness. No more burning LADY candles! Your man squad will (potentially steal and) surely get a kick out of these! Do NOT leave candles unattended; burn for at least 3 hours a pop, in order to get the longest burn useage overall. Trim the wick so that it doesn’t burn / dip into the wax.

Aromachology – Basic awareness of how a certain fragrance evokes feelings of peace, happiness, bliss, relaxation, or bring up memories of something familiar or comforting.

Aromatherapy – The actual effects that certain botanical ingredients have on the body, such as how peppermint can clear the sinuses, aid in headache relief, or help with mental alertness.

BOSS LADY SAYS, you'll find up top. That's really all you need to know!


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