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EastWest Bottlers – Austin, Texas / Greensboro, North Carolina / Nashville, Tennesse

Creators : Colin Newberry (Lawyer), Charlie Holderness (Model), Matt Moore (Author)

Soap – sea salt studded, shea butter soap

4 oz. bar. 100% re-useable cotton bag. NOT vegan. Non-GMO. Cold-pressed.

* woodsy w/hints of spice : black pepper, tobacco, leather, gin, and patchouli

Inspired by American bootleggers who ran their stills under the light of the moon. Designed for men comfortable in their own skin. Getting back to our roots, and away from the mainstream.

Gives a nod to southern upbringings, when men were self-made and bathtubs weren't just for bathing. Handcrafted. The soaps are basically “diluted versions” of the cologne (and double as cologne). The re-usable travel bag doubles as a soap holder. Try not to leave your soap to pool in water, as it'll waste away faster. Lasts about a month, on average.

Fact – it doesn't actually contain moonshine, but does have a gin note to it. Inspired by notes that reminded them of their grandfathers : old spice, leather, wood, and tobacco.

BOSS LADY SAYS, you'll find up top. Here's what EASTWEST BOTTLERS SAYS, via their website... Cold pressed soap with sea salt. A refreshing woodsy note awakens your senses, via the classic scents of MOONSHINE - a gentleman's cologne. Each bar is handmade and hand-cut in the USA. Comprised of 100% natural ingredients.


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