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EastWest Bottlers – Austin, Texas / Greensboro, North Carolina / Nashville, Tennesse

Creators : Colin Newberry (Lawyer), Charlie Holderness (Model), Matt Moore (Author)

Candle – perfume quality, soy blend, reuseable copper coated hammered tumbler

(12 oz) complimentary matches

* woodsy w/hints of spice : black pepper, tobacco, leather, gin, and patchouli

Inspired by American bootleggers who ran their stills under the light of the moon. Designed for men comfortable in their own skin. Getting back to our roots, and away from the mainstream.

Gives a nod to southern upbringings, when men were self-made and bathtubs weren't just for bathing. Handcrafted. The candles are basically “diluted versions” of the cologne. Do NOT leave candles unattended; burn for at least 3 hours a pop, in order to get the longest burn useage overall. Trim the wick so that it doesn’t burn / dip over into the wax.

Fact – it doesn't actually contain moonshine, but does have a gin note to it. Inspired by notes that reminded them of their grandfathers : old spice, leather, wood, and tobacco.

BOSS LADY SAYS, you'll find up top. Here's what EASTWEST BOTTLERS SAYS, via their website... Inspired by American bootleggers who ran their stills under the light of the moon, the MOONSHINE candle is the still light for the modern gentleman. Handcrafted to produce a soothing yet masculine musk, MOONSHINE elicits the spirit of those classic men in the form of this perfume quality, soy blend, American made candle. With notes of black pepper, leather, tobacco, gin, and patchouli, the MOONSHINE candle sets an assertive, yet comforting environment for the home or office. Encased in a copper coated hammered tumbler, MOONSHINE handsomely complements any decor or design.


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