Guess what??? I'm a 31 year old woman. I have wrinkles and sun damage (aka, hyperpigmentaton). I get pimples, and still have acne scarring. Makeup makes me break out. So does almonds, cashews, soy, pineapple, eggs, peppercorn, tuna, brewers yeast, and dairy (etc.) So does sweating and not washing my face immediately after a workout... So what???

We're not perfect. We're also not supposed to be. The goal is to learn as we go along. To adjust. To make corrections in our skincare, nutrition, lifestyle, and beyond, in order to heal and improve ourselves from the inside - out. Perfection is overrated. It's also a false reality. Especially when it comes to skincare.

This is why I strive for the 80 - 100% range of integrity, quality, and badassery. There will always be a new ingredient. A new banned ingredient. Controversy. You name it, it'll happen. My job is simple. To simplify YOUR life, by choosing better quality, legit skincare. More than just skincare. I try to find, what I believe to be the best, and most kickass products on the market.

There will always be flaws, but the goal isn't to be perfect. It's progress. Quality over quantity. Supporting the companies that give a damn. Protecting the consumer, and educating them along the way. Not dissecting every single damn ingredient on the market. Let the pros, do their DAMN job. I'm here to help YOU find the good shit. I test it. I use the whole damn bottle / product. I go through the B.S. so you don't have to. Hence, why sometimes my face / skin looks great, and other times, not so much. That's a job I'm willing to take on, so I can challenge the industry, make product suggestions / changes, and contribute to a better skincare / MANcare industry along the way.

Trust me... From beards to balls, I've got you boys (and girls) covered. Just look for the #BossLadyApproved products. As I learn, and grow as a professional, I'll make the necessary changes to my arsenal of goods. You just follow along, and take note. Cheers!

Boss Lady Stace - AKA, THE MANHANDLER /


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